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Welcome to Eastern Europeans - Recruitment & Jobs

Whether you are a UK or European employer looking for staff or a jobseeker from one of the central and eastern european countries to join the EU in 2004 and 2007 and looking for work in the UK, Western Europe or even further afield, we may be able to assist you.

Eastern Europeans has been promoting people from Eastern Europe in the UK in particular, but open to all international employers - especially from Ireland and Switzerland - via our former online community platform since 2006. We also started a recruitment service in late 2007 after getting a lot of employer requests to set this up rather than just have a jobsite, and on average get queries from several thousand candidates(pre current turmoil) and several hundred employers each year. We may reintroduce(since 2007) a separate jobsite mid to late 2019 so those employers who prefer that option over a recruitment service can advertise on there.

While things have changed considerably in the international job market across Europe and the UK in particular in the post financial crisis(2014) to pre-Brexit period(2019) and may change further in the post-Brexit period, we will do our best to continue to service any demand.
This website has been split off in 2018 from our old .CO.UK website to prepare for 2019 political changes and appeal to a wider range of employers beyond our traditional 90% UK employer base. if you are one of our previous employer clients or our Eastern European candidates, we advise you to use this website to deal with us

Please use the relevant section link in the menu above to navigate the website, depending on whether you are a jobseeker looking for a job or an employer looking to recruit Eastern European staff.

Bulgarian Workers Bulgaria
Population - 7.1 million. Capital- Sofia. Fastest shrinking European population. Main countries of Bulgarian workers job migration: Greece, Spain, Germany, UK. Outside of Europe, it is the US and Canada.
Czech Jobs Czech Republic (Czechia)
Population - 10.6 million. Capital - Prague. Population expected to shrink by 15% over next 50 years according to UN. Approximately, 40,000 - 50,000 living in the UK. Rising local salaries and Brexit may make the UK less attractive place
 Estonian Staff Estonia
Population - 1.3 million. Capital- Tallinn. UK Estonian population is unclear, but believed to be just under 10,000. Known for a relatively high level of online technological development, including inventing Skype and first global E- citizen program,offered by the Estonian gov't', which is quite popular.
Hungarian Worker jobs Hungary
Population - 9.8 million. Capital- Budapest. Hungarians are the third largest contributor to the UK job market force after Poland and Romania, with most based in London.
Latvian Staff Latvia
Population - 1.96 million. Capital- Riga. Population shrunk by 18% since early 2000's. Job migration is main reason. One of the most popular global social media sites Ask.fm was created in Riga.
Lithuanian Jobs Lithuania
Population - 2.9 million. Capital- Vilnius. Population shrunk by 17.5% since early 2000's. Job migration and low birth rate are main reasons.
Polish jobs Poland
Population - 38 million. Capital- Warsaw. Main countries of Polish worker job migration: Germany, UK(estimated 750,000 - 1,000,000. Highest group). UK Polish population figures have fluctuated downwards since the end of the financial crisis. Rising local wages is believed to be one of the reasons. Salaries now around 70% of EU average.
Romanian Workers Romania
Population - 19.5 million. Capital- Bucharest. Population down from 23 million in 2002. Main countries of Romanian worker job migration: Italy, Spain, UK(over 400,000 - 2nd highest group), Germany.
Slovakian Staff Slovakia
Population - 5.4 million. Capital-Bratislava. Between 1 and 1.5% of the Slovakian population live in the UK and contribute to the job market labour force.
Slovenian Staff Slovenia
Population - 2 million. Capital - Ljubljana. Never really been part of the rush to join the UK job market as local wages have always been relatively high.
 Ukrainian Staff Ukraine
Population - 38 million. Capital- Kiev. Not part of the EU, but due to high population, general political instability and very low local salary levels, there are a lot of willing workers ready to move to western job markets. This has benefited some of the EU Eastern European countries such as Poland and Czechia who have employed Ukrainians to partially compensate for the Brain Drain from their countries to the West.

Eastern European Workers in Switzerland - What you need to know
Eastern European nationals from the EU-25 countries, including Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia do not need a work permit to work in Switzerland for periods of less than 3 months. Bulgarians and Romanians will still need permits to June 2019.

UK Jobs - Post Brexit

New workers from Eastern Europe can still continue to come and work in the UK unrestricted until Dec. 2020. This date will most likely get extended even further, subject to transitional arrangements (withdrawal agreement) being approved.

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