Housekeeping and Student Welfare Manager

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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Cambridgeshire
  • City: Cambridge

We have a vacancy for a mature person (over 30)  to work as the house manager for a very small group of teenage students in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Your duties cover 3 areas:

1. Welfare /caretaker of students - making sure students are okay at night and reporting any major problems to the school management.

2. Keeping the students accommodation clean daily,  changing their bedding once a week and deep cleaning  the residence once a term.

3. Cooking breakfast and dinner for the students, Monday to Friday. Some good cooking skills needed for dinners. You must be a very good family cook - you do not need to be a professional cook. At the weekend, the students will eat microwave meals.

4. While you do not work between 10am and 10pm at the weekend, you will have to be in your residence at night(on call) in case of any problems.

In simple terms: you are a school  housekeeper  with cooking  and child welfare duties.

The job comes with a generous salary and benefits package.

7 weeks paid holidays per year - holidays must be taken at specific times(Christmas, Easter etc)

2 full weekends off per semester.

free flat and meals worth £12,000 per year. You can live there with your partner or a relative  and they can also eat free.

£19 - 20,000 per year.

You must have good references, at least intermediate level of English and no criminal record.

Job starts around mid August.

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