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Que. How do I apply for jobs on this website?
Ans.To apply to any jobs on the website, please reply, using the contact form on that specific job advert page. This will allow us to know which job you applied for.

Que. Can I apply for more than one job?
Ans. Yes. You can apply for as many jobs as you want, but rather than send us many different emails, it is better to apply for one or two jobs and then mention in the email message to us, all the different types of jobs you are interested in.

Que. Do I need employer or character references?
Ans.This will depend on the particular job and the requirements of the employer. Most jobs will require some form of formal or at least informal references.
Certain jobs may also require a police record check if there is a legal requirement in that job industry.

Que. Which Languages should I apply in?
Ans. You have to apply in English only for all our jobs.

Que. I can't find the job I am interested in?
Ans. If you can't find a particular job, please contact Eastern Europeans directly , using the contact form and tell us what you are looking for. Don't forget to add your CV or we may not respond. We do not always have time to post all out jobs, so get in touch instead.

Que. What level of English is required?
Ans. This depends entirely on the type of job you are apply for. Some jobs require fluent, others intermediate and some basic. Use your common sense to determine if you have enough language skills to work in that specific job or to communicate with customers and the staff.

Que. Is this website the same as the EasternEuropeans uk website?
Ans. Yes. We have now split our operations between our old website from 2006(.co.uk version) and this new website. It does not matter which you use, they both work together and backup each other. This one focuses on jobs and recruitment only. We also felt it necessary to make new changes with Brexit coming.

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