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Looking to Employ Care Staff?

Looking for carers? We may be able to help. The carers we source from the EU-10 countries such as Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria etc. for you are grouped into three categories.

1. Care Assistants for Care and Nursing Homes
These are hard working reliable individuals looking for work as a carer, they may not always have care experience. While these positions are mainly live out, employers who do not have staff accommodation are expected to help non-local staff to find suitable cheap rooms in the local area and possibly help cover the first few weeks rent for them until they start getting paid. Candidates will not take jobs without accommodation guarantees and we cannot persuade them otherwise.
Far too many employers ask for female only staff, even though in practice care homes have a lot of male staff. While this is understandable, this limits candidate pool availability by up to 30-40% in an area that is already facing severe staffing shortages.

2. Live in Personal Carers
Our live-in carer services are aimed directly at families only rather than live-in care providers. We no longer accept requests from live-in care agencies(effective 2017). Mix of empathetic, experienced and inexperienced carers, usually females but can be males. Happy to look after your disabled or elderly relative or friend on a full-time basis with the odd days off for themselves. Your job offer for them should reflect the amount of working time. A five to six day work shift with a 1 or 2 days off(if cover available) and paid holidays tends to work best. In the case of very severely disabled individuals that cannot afford to be without a carer, we suggest you use your local care provider as they can provide cover as well as training if required- but obviously, this will come at a much higher cost. We merely source people for you and are not care employer or trainers. Please make sure that any family care job offers are market competitive in terms of salary and conditions as live-in care providers(agencies) offer good salary levels and we still have to compete in the general job marketplace to convince potential candidates to accept your job offers instead of others.

3. Community Carers

Please Note: We no longer accept community /domiciliary carer requests. This has been our permanent policy since 2012. See below.

The care industry and recruitment of carers has changed fundamentally since this page was originally created "in the early years" after EU accession of various EE countries. Please feel free to read various BBC and EU articles on this matter or view some of our points at bottom of this page or our articles.


1.Why do you no longer accept community /domiciliary carer requests?
The reasons are too numerous to go into but a brief summary is:
a)There are just too many requests(high volume).
b) There have been many problems in the past and complaints from candidates which makes it too much of a headache to deal with relative to the relatively low recruitment fee levels which we tend to maintain.
c)Most community carers have tight margins and complain to us about this. While we understand their financial dilemma, we have our own costs we incur providing an already below UK market rate recruitment service for them.

2.Can I get a carer if I am an employer located many 1000's of miles away from the candidate?
Ans: As long as there are candidates interested in your job location and you are providing them with a decent financial salary and relocation package, it should not be a problem. The further the job, the greater the incentive required by any candidate to make it worth their while - this is normal human expectation. We have sourced people for family employers in the Middle East. Most recruitment requests we get, however, are for UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland in that order. Jobs offering 600, 700 or even 800 USD a month are not practical for EU nationals to consider accepting to relocate all the way to Middle East when they can get that in just a week or two "locally"(near their families).

3. Why has UK carer recruitment become so difficult?
Ans: Again, this is one of those questions with many aspects to it.
a)There is a general boom in carer jobs(at least 80,000 unfilled vacancies in 2017), so this means more employers chasing an ever shrinking pool of available and interested people
b)People who would have worked as carers during financial crisis when job choices were very limited, now have more alternative job options outside of the care industry to choose from. Given the choice between minimum wage and lots of regulations to contend with, or around minimum wage job in hospitality, factories, supermarkets etc. with no regulations, which jobs would you choose? The reality is that most people - from all walks of life - go for the path of least complication when they have options to do so
c)Brexit uncertainties as well. Even if the reality on the ground is superficial, these matters still affect the way candidates think and react. This aspect applies to all jobs, not just the care industry - see our article on Brexit related matters on the employment articles page.

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