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Recruitment Contact Form

Email queries are answered: Mon - Fri. 10:30am-6:30pm GMT or GMT+1 only.

Use the below form to get in touch with us regarding any recruitment staffing enquiries you may have.
Please note this form is for employers enquiring about recruitment matters only, if you are a candidate looking for a job, please visit the home or jobseekers page and use the relevant contact form instead.

To enable us help deal with you as quickly and effectively as possible, please provide as much relevant details about your staff requirements ( job type, number of staff required, job duties, job location, salary etc.)

PLEASE READ - Important Notes

Will Brexit affect your services?

While no-one can predict the future, our services will always be available to international employers.

Why are UK Employers struggling to find staff in 2017

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Nursing Recruitment

Suspended Indefinitely due to excessive demand and shortage of nurses. See our employment articles.

Carer Recruitment

We accept nursing and care home as well as live-in carer requests only and not domicilary carer requests(permanent policy since 2012). Requests are now limited to 30 a month.

Enquiries from employers outside Europe

Please make sure your request is comparable and competitive with Western European salary levels, otherwise we will not be able to find candidates for you and will not waste our time and costs trying to.

Recruitment Agencies

Please note: We do not accept requests from any recruitment agencies.

Check Current Market conditions

This largely determines what you can offer candidates. In times of high unemployment, employers can get away with lower salaries and no incentives. However during times of a boom in jobs, this will not work as good candidates are very job savvy and know what they can get on the local and wider european job market. They have much higher expectations during such periods - the nursing industry being a current extreme example. A quick glance at a selection of jobs on the large national and international job sites(Reed, Total Jobs, Monster, Indeed etc.) will give you an idea of current salary levels as well as demand levels.

International vrs Local Recruitment

Recruiting internationally is very different from recruiting locally. It takes longer and also candidates will expect you to help them to settle. while most employers are not landlords, you still have a moral duty to source affordable accommodation for your new employees otherwise there is no point in you trying to recruit non local people - esp. at the bottom end of the job market where they have financial difficulties and no knowledge of the local area. Lack of accommodation guarantees is the 2nd biggest reason for candidates turning down jobs.

Anti discrimination Policy

Unless a specific language is a requirement of your job, any job requests to us must be open to all suitable candidates regardless of their Eastern European background. We are not able to accept requests that deliberately exclude a whole group. Candidates must be judged on their own merit only
We often get requests saying things like: I had a Czech employee so only want another Czech employee or I had a Polish or Romanian employee that was awful so no same country candidates. There is no correlation between behaviour(good or bad) of a past employee and a future employee from same country.

Non Exploitation Policy

All requests to us must be financially fair and ethically reasonable for the particular job required and in line with the local employment market. We are unable to accept requests that seek to exploit people's desperation or vulnerabilty. Eastern Europeans started as a small quasi-charity and online community aimed at helping and informing people long before responding to employers asking us to we add a recruitment service, so same founding principles applies to our recruitment services.

Private Households

Please have a rough idea of your budget for wages as there is a very wide range of household types from high profile, wealthy, professional, executive all the way down to "normal Joe Bloggs" and we are unable to guess your finances and tell you what to pay your staff. No matter the level of your budget, please note there is an open market comparative minimum level below which candidates will not accept or show interest, even allowing for live-in perk. If you ask us for the salary level to pay your staff, we will tell you whatever the general job market is paying.


First time private households and micro businesses - no longer allowed credit payment terms due to abuse of the system.
Established care homes and other large businesses - credit terms allowed.
Other small, medium or adhoc businesses- each looked at on its on merit.
You may be asked to pay a fee deposit ranging from 25% - 100% for small requests.Large requests, you may be asked to lodge the money into escrow or with your solicitor. Fees will vary by job type as well as country of employment,so we are unable to list fees until we know your request, as there are over 100 possible permutations. In some instances basic fees may have a premium added should your request be fairly diffcult/nonpragmatic/more costly to deal with.

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