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Domestic Staff Recruitment - Difference between a Nanny and an Au Pair

When looking to hire domestic staff, one should be aware of the fact that there are differences between a Nanny and an Au Pair. They each have their own sets of duties that they carry out. Once you know the differences between the two, it will be easier for you to decide which you need for your home.

A Nanny is a person who does child care for a living or a mother who has raised children of her own. This is their career. A nanny can be a live in or not, that depends on your needs. She is able to provide child care unsupervised and takes care of all tasks relating to the children. Normally a Nanny will work between 40 plus hours per week. Nannies may sometimes agree to perform other household duties as well, that is something that you will discuss and work out with them during the interview process. A Nanny should have references that you can check out and experience with children.

An Au Pair, is a young person, either male or female that comes from a different country. They usually stay for up to a year. They are not employees but rather an “extended part of your family” They are not necessarily interested in doing child care for a career, they are more interested in the cultural aspect of the country and environment they find themselves in. They want to see a different a country and live there for a while. They may not fluently speak your language and may have limited or no experience with children. An Au Pair will live in your home while he or she is there. They get an allowance rather than a wage and are generally less than what you would pay a Nanny but you will have to give them room and board as well. There are Au Pair agencies that you can go through when looking to hire an Au pair.

There are benefits to both Nannies and Au pairs. Hiring an Au pair is a great way to introduce your children to a different language and traditions, not only will the Au pair learn your culture, but your family can learn theirs as well. Because the Au pair will be living with you, they become more like part of your family. Your children can be cared for in your home instead of going to a day care, because the cost to hire an Au pair is much less. Benefits to hiring a Nanny are, you get someone with much more real life experience. Your nanny will take her duties far more seriously. Again being in the home with your children instead of a day care is a big benefit. The children get more personal attention with a nanny.

Whichever you choose, an Au pair or a nanny, be sure you trust your own inner feelings. Be sure that the person you recruit to take care of your children, is someone that you and your children feel comfortable with.

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