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Looking for hardworking reliable staff? You have come to the right place. We provide an efficient no hassle reasonably priced online recruitment service for employers interested in recruiting EU staff from countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria. We are also happy to partner with suitable agencies as well. Our services are primarily aimed at the Small or Medium sized owner managed / run businesses as well as private individuals.

We provide several types of recruitment

1. Medical Staff - EU Qualified Nurses for care and nursing homes. More details here - EU Nurse Recruitment
2. Office Staff - Office Workers, Multilingual staff, Receptionists, Secretaries, Administrators, Accounts Staff.
3. Non Professional Workers - Personal Carers, Care Assistants, Live in carers
Live in staff,
Nanny and Aupairs.
General Assistants,
Bar , Hotel, Restaurant staff.

4. Misc. Other Workers - Models, Dancers, Shop staff, Drivers etc.


How do you recruit staff for your establishment?

Please use the contact us page to get in touch with us with an outline of your requirements. Information we will require:

1.Job Description - the more information the better.
2.Job Location - Name of town.
3.Name and address of the workplace establishment(should you wish to proceed).
4. Name of the bill payer or main contact person.
5.Salary and Conditions: we do not recruit for any jobs that do not knowlingly meet minimum pay requirements in the country of employment.

What happens when we receive your recruitment request

Ans.We will consider your request and then get back to you asap (during weekdays) and let you know if we can help you as well as inform you of costs. Once this is out of the way.... you are happy to proceed , we will begin to source suitable personnel for you.

Do we cover other countries?

Ans.Yes, we are happy to source staff to work not only in the UK but to go to Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany etc. As an online platform there is no limit to job locations we will consider as long as there are candidates are interested in going there. We have recruited for Qatar, Oman, Dubai and South Africa before.

What do we expect from you as an employer

Ans.We expect all reputable employers to realise asking migrant staff to move from one country to another or from one town to another is not to be taken lightly and is a great responsiblity. We expect you to provide an environment that will enable the employee to give of their best. We also expect you to help the employee source suitable cheap accommodation, should it not be a live in job.
Do not recruit international staff if you are not prepared to help them settle or are going to leave them stranded.

Do you Supply Temping Staff?

Ans. No, we are not a temping or employment agency, purely a recruitment sourcing service. All staff sourced for you - permanent or seasonal staff on your books to be paid by the employer.The employer is fully responsible for their employee's contracts and meeting any local employment laws. any fees are fixed, regardless of how long you require your staff for.

Do i have to pay upfront?

Ans.It depends. If you are a private individual, you will be asked to pay your recruitment fee once a candidate is agreed with you before they can start. If you are a well established company(e.g. a large hotel or a care home), you may have a certain extended payment terms to pay your fee via our online payment page or bank transfer. The only exception to this is for repeat clients who will have longer more flexible payment terms. All payment conditions are subject to change and the discretion of the management.

How many staff can i recruit?

Ans.Due to previous experiences, all new clients /employers are restricted to a small number at a time. Candidates are spread across all employers requesting staff, not just the one or two employers with big requests.

Can i trial workers before taking them on permanently?

Ans.Possibly, however, you will still need to pay your recruitment fee to us in advance before the trial can go ahead. If you are a company employer, you can write a standard period of probation into your employee's contract. Our fees for our professional services are not subject to any trial or probation, and that is a matter between employer and employee only within the terms of their employment contract with you. We provide our own guarantees for our services only. The two issues are separate and cannot be connected.

Do I have to offer the employee a contract of employment

Ans.Most likely, to make sure you comply with local employment law: you have to provide with your employees with an employment contract within 2 months of starting within the UK: In Switzerland for permit purposes, you will need to; other countries may differ in their employment requirements, please make sure you are familiar with your local employment laws so as to protect yourself. If in doubt about your legal responsibilities, please contact a local lawyer or an employment advisory service. We are unable to give you employment advice and do not get involved in your internal processes. Some employees will demand signed copies of their contract before they make arrangements to depart for the job - we have no control over their personal or professional requirements.

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