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Employing a nanny or other domestic staff recruitment seemed to be a privilege only for the aristocracy and wealthy in the Victorian era, however, in the 21st century it is almost a necessity for the hard working professional family. While there are extra costs involved in bringing someone into your family environment as well as intrusion into your private space..your home, the benefits of doing so far outweigh any other factors that may be on your mind.

There are many ways of assessing such a commitment:

1. Time Management

Today's professional has so many pulls on his or her time, while family time is very important and one of the major drains on your limited time so is balancing your career for upward progression as well as many other social and personal commitments. Recruiting a reliable live in nanny takes away a huge part of that worry of trying to cram everything into one short week. Even if you do have a child minder, the time taken to drop your children off and pick them up each day may be something the busy professional family cannot afford to do all the time.

2. Costs

Yes, you do have to pay a nanny a decent living wage plus board, however, when you break down the costs of using registered child care in the UK today, travelling to the child minder(s) each day, possibly providing extra food and other items as well. The overall costs (financial and other) far exceeds the cost of having your own live in nanny at your beck and call 5 or 6 full days a week.

Daily Mail - UK-families-face-highest-costs-childcare

The UK has the highest childcare costs in the EU with over a third of net household income going into a childcare and that excludes the time opportunity costs, using an EU live in nanny will probably cost 8-15% of an average professional household income without the extra time opportunity costs as well.

If you are prepared to stump up a little more cash, you can get a top notch nanny that is capable of also teaching your children not just playtime activities but also help with school work or even give private lessons. The more children you have the cheaper it becomes. A live in nanny can be responsible for up to 3 children.

3. Reliability

Having a live in nanny saves you the hassle of relying on various babysitters to be available as and when you need them only to be let down just before that big night out or having to rush around to find one when emergencies arise at work or within other situations.

4. Family Earning Power

If you are a professional and one of you has to stay at home to look after the children, unless you rely on the government for some kind of state benefits, the drop in the total family household income for a professional household far exceeds the extra costs of paying a nanny a monthly wage.

What if you are not a high flying professional and feel a nanny is still a little bit expensive for your budget? the alternative is to recruit an Au pair. An Au pair will normally be a younger lady who will be available on a part time basis(20 - 30hrs a week) wanting to spend time exploring the country or learning the language in college and will probably cost you 50-60% of a full time nanny.

Need a nanny next week or next month, do not hesitate to get in touch with the EasternEuropeans.co.uk recruitment team using the contact page on our website with your full requirements and we will do our best to find that perfect person from Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary as well as other EU eastern european countries. for you.

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