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Healthcare Ails as Doctors, Nurses Emigrate
Senior medical figures in Eastern Europe have issued stark warnings that the region's healthcare sector is both unstable and unsustainable as health workers continue to leave in droves for jobs abroad. They say thousands are leaving their jobs in their home countries because of poor wages and working conditions.

Nursing homes struggle to fill vacancies as nurses from Eastern Europe opt for Germany

Looking to Employ Nurses?

Please note that Nursing Recruitment is indefinitely suspended. We may be able to offer you job advert only on our site instead.

We may be able to help. The nurses we source from countries such as Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria etc. for you are grouped into three categories. Please note that under the EU education system, the training of nurses is standardised for all EU countries. A nurse from Hungary will be trained to the same level as a British nurse. Please read the below information and then use the contact page to get in touch with us with your recruitment requirements.

1. NMC registered nurses
These are nurses that have completed the nmc registration process.

2. PRN Nurses
These are fully qualified nurses currently undergoing nmc registration process and can be employed as nurses but will start off as senior nursing assistants or senior carers while waiting for their registration to be completed.

3. Qualified Nurses
These are experienced EU nurses fully qualified to EU standards and registered in their home country currently working in hospitals abroad or in alternative UK employment, however, are willing to undergo the UK NMC registration process subject to suitable job offers from employers.

Nursing Employment FAQs

1. Why should i recruit a PRN nurse?
We advise employers to recruit nurses who have obtained their PRN from the NMC and are awaiting full registration as it helps you the employer to keep a RGN before another employer does once their nmc process is complete.

2. Why should i employ a non registered nurse?
There are a lot of fully qualified experienced EU nurses seeking work in the UK, however, due to the cost and length of time involved in registering with the NMC decide not to do so, until they have an offer or a UK employer wants to underwrite the costs involved. The process and costs of registration is roughly equivalent to 4 - 7 weeks local wages for them, so many are reluctant to commit to this process without a potential job offer.
A lot of Nurses now choose other European countries such as Austria and Germany in particular due to proximity and less registration hassle.The UK no longer has sole access to nurses as it had before other European countries opened borders to Eastern European staff.