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Recruitment in France

Are you looking for Staff in France?

We have been dealing with a few employers since 2008, and are now looking to increase that number and range to broaden our multi-country appeal, well beyond our primary UK client base.

While the French employers we dealt with are primarily private households and a few hotels, we are looking to expand this range of employment areas to deal with small / medium owner run business employers looking for office and other types of staff as well. If you are a multi-layered large employer contacting us, please ensure that you have the flexibility to deal with an informal online platform and able to recruit within our modus operandi.

Please see the relevant pages, using the menu links above for further information or use the contact page to get in touch with us, detailing your France staffing requirements.

Please update yourself with any current recruitment difficulties there may be in either your local or the general international job market.

French Staff Shortages - Financial Times
Last year, between 200,000 and 330,000 jobs - the majority of which were for contracts of more than six months - were left vacant because companies could not find the right candidates to fill them. Meanwhile, French companies employed about half a million foreign posted workers, a 46 per cent increase from 2016.

Labour Shortages France - Reuters
Guinard, who has a workforce of about 80, struggled for months to find the 10 engineers and technicians she needed to try to keep pace with an order book that rose by a third last year, and she still has two roles unfilled.

French Nursing Home staff shortages - AP
Care workers say they are under increasing pressure to cut corners on feeding, cleaning and hygiene care for those living in nursing homes. Seven unions called on the workers, nursing home residents and frustrated families to strike and protest Tuesday at 7,000 facilities around France.

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