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Chef Hospitality staff

Looking to Recruit Hotel or Restaurant Staff?

Chefs: Head Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie, Commis Chef, Executive Chefs
General or Catering Assistants
Waiters and Waitresses
Hotel Receptionists
Bar Staff
Management Staff
Kitchen Assistants
Hotel Chambermaids| Housekeepers
Chefs and Management staff fall under our professional fee structure. In some instances receptionists may also fall under this structure.

Please get in touch with us using the recruitment contact us page and clearly outline your staffing requirements.

Hospitality Staff Recruitment FAQs

1. What can I expect from my staff?
Ans. You should expect the same professionalism and determination as provided by your local staff. However, it is important to realise relocating is a big deal for most people and a period of adjustment to local working and cultural conditions may be required. Also, help from employer to help staff settle locally will speed up any period of initial nerves and adjustment required by the member of staff.

2. Should I provide accommodation for my hospitality staff?
Ans. You are perfectly entitled to employ live in or live out staff, however, for most eastern european staff they will be looking for positions with secure cheap or free accommodation as this is the most important thing to them. Any employer wanting to recruit non local staff has a moral (legal in some cases)obligation to ensure their workers will have staff or private accommodation to stay in on arrival, that is affordable given the wages being paid.Lack of accommodation guarantees from us(on behalf of the employer) is the 2nd biggest reason after wages for candidates not taking up job offers.

3. How much do i need to pay my hospitality staff?
Ans. This depends on many factors. The most important of which are comparable local and industry salaries, general employment market conditions throughout key European job routes, expectations of the employer, other incentives available to your staff.
Generally speaking, the employment market is very competitive throughout Western Europe. Unlike in the early days( 2004 - 2007) when UK was only main available destination, or even during the (2008-2013 )recession when jobs were less abundant. There are now several countries(Germany, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Denmark etc.) chasing the same group of candidates with the majority now favouring Germany over UK by at least a 3 to 1 margin due to proximity.
Since 2014 more Polish people go to Germany than UK. Right on the border and more jobs. No need to be away from family for long periods of time.
More Hungarians go to Austria than UK. Right on the border and very convenient
More Romanians go to Italy than UK. This is believed to be due to a combination of cultural, weather and language similarities. There were believed to be well over 1 million in Spain and Italy prior to 2014, with some estimates putting this around 2 million.This compares to around 300,000 in the UK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanians_in_Italy

Why are these above points important? Because it emphasises the changing nature of job routes as well as increased expectations of candidates who have plenty of job choices available to them and can be very fussy as a result. Some UK employers still try and recruit based on a "2004 - 2013 mindset" and this no longer works.

4. Can i pay my staff in cash?
Ans. It is entirely up to each employer how you choose to pay your own staff. However, to avoid confusion, disagreements or breaching your local employment law, paying any wages by cheque or into bank accounts and keeping pay records is proper practice. If you run a small business or are a private household and have to pay your staff in cash, at least get them to sign off the payment so that they cannot claim they were not paid or paid the incorrect amount.
We do not get involved in work place matters as it is not our remit and we do not employ your staff. The only time we get involved is if your staff member complains to us about exploitation or lack of assistance from employer to help them settle or adjust. we will then take up the matter on their behalf with the employer.

Polish Romanian hotel staff

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