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Recruitment in Ireland

Recruiting Eastern European Staff in Ireland?

We have been dealing with a few Irish employers since 2010, and are now looking in 2019 to increase that number to broaden our multicountry general appeal, well beyond our main UK client base.

While the Irish employers we dealt with are primarily in hospitality - especially tourist areas of Western Ireland as well as a few nursing / care homes, we are keen to expand this range of employment industries to deal with small business employers looking for office and other types of staff as well.

Recruiting Hospitality Staff in Ireland

Chefs, Housekeepers, Bar staff, Waiting staff, FOH, managers etc.
There has been a huge growth in jobs in the Irish hospitality industry over the last few years. This is especially so since there was a policy to create 40,000 new jobs by 2020. This boom has inevitably led to a shortage of staff to fill job vacancies especially in the area of chef recruitment.
The hospitality industry in Ireland needs approximately 5,000 new chefs per year but only trains around 1,800. This shortfall of 3,200 is no longer being filled adequately by chefs from Europe in general and Eastern Europe in particular, so companies are needing to look beyond Europe as well.

Other reasons for shortages include:
1. Higher accommodation costs, esp. in urban areas
2. Major competition all across Europe for same pool of workers.
3. Demand for higher wages from all hospitality staff, especially from Chefs.

Recruiting Nursing and Care Staff in Ireland

The Europe wide shortage in healthcare staff is well known. Here at Eastern Europeans , we recruited Registered Nurses for private nursing homes and small hospitals from 2009 to 2015. A decision was taken to stop Nursing recruitment at the end of 2015 as the returns at our relatively low fee levels were just not worth it any more.
Carer Recruitment: We still accept recruitment requests for healthcare assistants for care homes and live-in carers for Irish families.

Recruiting Office Workers in Ireland

Please see the Office Staff Recruitment link in the menu above.

Live-in Housekeepers and Nannies - Ireland

Domestic staff continue to be in high demand in UK and Europe, especially in towns and cities. If you are an Irish family looking for live-in staff do not hesistate to contact us. Please note that we do not accept Au Pair requests, just full-time live-in staff requests.

Please see the relevant pages, using the menu links above for further information or use the contact page to get in touch with us, detailing your staff requirements.

Please update yourself with any current recruitment difficulties there may be in either your local industry or the general international job market.

Irish Nursing Shortages
'Immigration is necessary, 80 percent of her class from last year is in the UK, the Irish system is unfixable.'

Major Staff shortages in Irish hospitality sector
5,000 chefs are needed for the industry, according to Mr Cummins, while 28,000 staff are needed over the coming months to sustain a working industry. Over the last six years, a total of 50,000 jobs have been created in the industry

Foreign Workers Shortage - Ireland
Ireland will need an extra 90,000 foreign workers to move here over the next two years to prevent a labour shortage. Ten years ago Ireland did not have its current accommodation problems and high rents and Eastern European economies were in a weaker position than they currently are, so attracting staff was easier.

Jan. 2019 LVA chief executive Donal O'Keefe to Drinks Industry Ireland. "Chefs, for example, are very very hard to find. The hospitality space has exploded and everyone is trying to fish out of the same pool, so it's very difficult to source the right people"

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