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Looking to Recruit Nannies or Aupairs

We may be able to help. The nannies we source from EU countries such as Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia etc. for you are grouped into 2 categories. Being a multicultural website, we do not discriminate against any of the eastern europe EU countries and unless there is a specific need for a particular language in your home, we consider all candidates / applicants for you equally on their own merit. We are happy to find staff to work in UK, France, Switzerland, Ireland etc.

1. Nanny
Nannies sourced for you will either be experienced ladies or mothers from a professional background that have experience of bringing up their own kids and are looking to work abroad for a decent family for a fixed salary on either a live in or live out basis. The vast majority will prefer live in positions unless they move with their own family.

2. Au Pair
We no longer recruit Au Pairs. This is mainly due to abuse of the Au Pair system by some employers. An Au Pair is not a nanny or a housekeeper and should not be treated as such unless prepared to pay a full wage.

Nanny staff are not limited to just England, Scotland or Ireland, we are happy to find people willing to work in France, and Switzerland in particular as well as other EU countries.

Please get in touch with us using the contact us page and clearly outline your staff requirements. Please give us some information about your family setup/background as well duties, pay and conditions for person you wish to recruit.

Nanny Recruitment - Common Questions and Answers

1. Can i pay a Nanny an Au Pair allowance?
Ans. No. A fulltime nanny deserves to be paid the going salary rate in the country of employment. We will not entertain any requests that seek to exploit people. should you not be able to afford a fulltime nanny, you may consider offering them a part time role or sharing your nanny with a neighbour.

2.Can i CRB check my nanny?
Ans. Parents cannot directly undertake CRB checks, nor do they have any legal obligation to do so by law(UK), however, should you wish to pursue this option, you will have to pay and use an accredited CRB bureau/ agency to do the checks for you. We do not get involved in this process. All candidates will come with a home country police check as long as the employer does not rush the recruitment process.

3. What if the Nanny is not suitable for me ?
Ans. We make every effort to ensure, the candidate chosen for you, will fit into your environment, however, periodically, personalities may not gel- same as any area of life and work.

4. Will my Nanny clean my home or cook my meals?
Ans. There is a big difference between a nanny and a housekeeper, should you require a nanny to undertake housekeeping services, it is important you make this very clear in your job description, as not all nannies are prepared to undertake housekeeping duties and vice versa.

5. How many children will my Nanny look after?
Ans. We advise parents not to let a nanny look after more than 2 young children at a time or more than 3 maximum if some of the kids are in their early teens

Difference between a Nanny and an Au Pair
When looking to hire domestic staff, one should be aware of the fact that there are differences between a Nanny and an Au Pair. They each have their own sets of duties that they carry out. Once you know the differences between the two, it will be easier for you to decide which you need for your home.

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