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Recruiting Office Staff?

We may be able to assist you source office workers in the following areas:

1. Office receptionists

2. Personal Assistants and Secretaries

3. Office admin staff

4. Office managers

5. HR assistants

6. Finance staff

7.Language Staff

Benefits of Recruiting Eastern European Office Staff

a) Ability to translate your office documents in-house.
b) Assist you in penetrating new foreign markets in Eastern Europe
c) Act as a translator in meetings or phone calls between your company and your clients in Eastern Europe.
d) Just as hard working and competent as your local staff
e) Can manage any fledgling satellite office in their home contries for you while you try to grow your business in that Eastern European country

Potential Examples.

Client 1: Exporter in Dublin, Ireland needing to source new markets in Poland. It makes sense to recruit a Polish office administrator in Dublin with knowledge of the Polish market or at least of the towns in Poland you export to.

Client 2: Small professional services company in London, UK with new clients in Romania. A Romanian executive or personal assistant would be an excellent liasion between the director, managers and new clients.

Client 3: Business person in Geneva, Switzerland running a local or international office from home. A live-in Eastern European secretary or Personal Assistant may be a useful option to assist your small home business. In some cases, this person can double up as a secretary / housekeeper should they be so inclined.

If you require any recruitment assistance in some of these areas, please do not hesitate to use the recruitment contact form to get in touch with us.
Our only requirement is that the job details come with a proper salary or job appropriate pay rate and not commission structure only.

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