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What other staff do we recruit?

A typical question we get from employers is about recruiting staff for them from industries that we may not have listed on the website.
It is impossible to list all fields and create pages for all industries, so this seeks to simplify such requests.

We are happy to consider all employer recruitment requests, as long as they meet a certain basic criteria.

Jobs that are 100% excluded from our recruitment services:

1. Any jobs that may cause us to be indirectly associated with the gangmaster industry.

2.Any adult(over 18 industry) jobs, even if legal. While we used to consider dancer and glamour model type requests, we can no longer deal with such requests. This is simply to protect us from accusations of exploitation rather than any moral objection to those jobs.

3. Jobs that pay commission only. Examples include, but are not limited to: car wash, field sales etc.

4. Jobs that require a very high level of technical expertise that is not common to Eastern Europe.

5. Any jobs that will cost(both in terms of money as well as hassle) us more to recruit for, than the employer is prepared to pay us for. This clearly makes no sense to do so.

6.We are not employers, and only provide a straight forward recruitment sourcing service on the client's behalf. We cannot consider any requests that ask us to act as the employer for those candidates - i.e temping agency services, for example.'

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