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Eastern European Workers in Switzerland - What you need to know
Eastern European nationals from the EU-25 countries, including Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia do not need a work permit to work in Switzerland for periods of less than 3 months.

Recruitment in Switzerland

Recruiting Staff in Switzerland

We have been dealing with a few employers from Switzerland - mainly wealthy private households from Geneva- since 2008, and are now looking in 2019 and beyond to increase that number and range to broaden our multi-country general appeal, well beyond just our traditional UK client base.
While the Swiss employers we get contacted by are primarily private households looking for domestic staff (housekeepers, Nannies, Carers), we are keen to deal with small to medium owner run business employers looking for office and other staff as well.

Please see the relevant pages, using the menu links above for further information or use the contact page to get in touch with us, detailing your Switzerland staff recruitment requirements.

Housekeepers and Nannies in Switzerland

While Switzerland has no national minimum wage as a whole, The Swiss government introduced a minimum wage for domestic staff - this was to try and avoid exploitation that was/is rife in some parts of the domestic staff employment area. This wage exploitation is especially the case for Non-European household staff.
Geneva(local canton rules): 19.26 - 24.77 CHF
Federal Rates: 18.55 - 22.40 CHF
Some adjustment for up to nearly 1000 CHF is allowed for accommodation deduction for live-in staff. We, at Eastern Europeans Recruitment make no judgement on the wages that a family may decide to pay their staff as we understand household incomes can be tight, but we ask that any wage is fair and reasonable for us to be able to deal with it on your behalf.

Multilingual and Office Staff in Switzerland

According to the University of Zurich, the financial sector ( accountants, tax consultants, auditors etc.) is the area of greatest staff shortages in Switzerland in 2018. This is closely followed by technicians.
In third place is the shortage of engineers, with Medical staff coming in fourth place.

Up to 25% of the Switzerland workforce is made up of Foreigners. 80% of these are from other European countries. In engineering, this figure is up to 40% of the workforce.

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